Made With Paper by yassmien



Made With Paper by yassmien


Man Saved JUST IN TIME Off Burning Ledge in Houston

Critics agree: Real Life is even more suspenseful than movies and TV.


Click here to watch Stephen Colbert better know North Carolina’s 1st District with Representative G.K. Butterfield.

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Greatest TV Pilots: Deadwood

Welcome To The Town With No Law

On a still night in 1876, Seth Bullock executes a man. He hangs him out in front of his jail, from the rafters while a mob demands that the thief be handed over to them for their own version of justice and/or revenge. It’s Bullock’s job as the marshall to perform this act of justice but it’s one that he doesn’t want anymore. There are so many ways this night would be easier for Bullock; he could hand the man over to the mob or he could consider the thief’s propositions for his quick and speedy release with the promise of stolen riches on the way to their mutual destination of Deadwood, a small town well outside of the United States’ borders. Just like Bullock, the dead man’s plan was to head to Deadwood to meet his glorious future there. “No law at all… in Deadwood,” the man ponders, thinking about the promise of that place while realizing his own mortality awaits him. The horse thief doesn’t make it out alive of even the first 10 minutes of this series but he exists as a perfect little microcosm of the hope and reality of what Deadwood could and would be.

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I usually make a “special” post for milestone post counts. My 7,000th post was on New Year’s Eve. So what do dancing Stormtroopers have to do with guns? Nothing much really, although they did come to mind after reading about LWRC’s Six8 PDW.You have to read the Recoil article to see why everyone is calling the Six8 in “Stormtrooper White” a compact full power blaster. Onward to 8,000th posts.